A New and Unique way of Learning

Written by: Runali Runali On: September 5, 2018

Attending hour long lectures, teacher speaking on one topic continuously and then the homework’s for the evening, sure no students liked that. Students love to go to school where they meet their friends, play games and have fun but the one thing they hate is long hour based lectures. Attending six hours in school out of which five hours attending lectures and getting bored in the class often surmounts to torturing a child. Classroom lectures, home work, and constant question- answer quiz by the teacher after every class has been the most hated thing for the student. Due to lack of interest, the concepts and chapters too remain unclear leading to fewer score and grades.

With the advent of the technology, the classrooms are now made smart.

Flipped Classroom, everybody has heard about this strategy which gave the field of education a whole modern perspective, grabbing children’s attention and making them learn with more clarity.

But often people are unclear about this concept; let’s get to know more about what are Flipped Classrooms?

It is an instructional strategy made for more interactive and blended learning. In this era of technology, now students get the chance to pre-learn. In this method of making students learn there are lectures made for them and provided on a device where they can watch it anytime, anywhere. Armed with this knowledge, the student makes an entry into the classroom where the personalization of this concept is delivered by the teacher.

What then takes place is a revolution in the classroom.

From a traditional monologue where only the teacher talked and the student listened, the class now transforms into a dialogue where the teacher talks and students contribute. These classrooms are all about exploring topics in greater depths and applying them practically.

A transition to active classrooms in enables, the Flipped Way.

Types of Content Delivery in These Classrooms:

  • Explanation of Previously viewed Video Lectures:

Teachers are irreplaceable. The personalization in the classroom regarding the previously viewed lectures are delivered by the teacher.


  • Text Reading: Instead of textbooks, a student gets to read pdf files and documents on his tab which is a new way to modernize study.


  • Tests: Lecture wise tests are unlocked on viewing the lecture at home and at the press of a button by the teacher in the classroom. This helps in testing the conceptual understanding of the child as well as facilitating revision in the classroom..

This new way of learning is making the vision of Digital India clearer with more fun in learning for the student. Students find it easier to learn and get clarity in concepts when they see it visually and the picture lasts much longer than the lesson heard in the class. To conclude, technology is rising; one should rise with it and be successful.

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