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Traditional v/s Flipped Classrooms

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Education has been a vital part in the life of a person, without which a person does not have the confidence and knowledge to grow and become something. There are people who could not afford [...]

Remodelling Classrooms..by Flipping it

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With the advancements in the technology, flipped classrooms are the latest trend followed by the people. In many schools and universities, classes are made smart by using this technology and it has become easy for [...]

A Journey from Gurukuls to Digital Learning

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India is recognized as the country of rituals and culture where people are traditional and religious. In this country the education sector has gone through various phases, in ancient times people used to study in [...]

Flipped Classrooms: Is It Really Effective?

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Everybody is familiar with the idea of introducing flipped classrooms instead of learning through traditional means. But making an investment and changing the whole educational structure requires a lot of thinking and guts. Without any [...]

A New and Unique way of Learning

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Attending hour long lectures, teacher speaking on one topic continuously and then the homework’s for the evening, sure no students liked that. Students love to go to school where they meet their friends, play games [...]


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To prepare for an exam the students need to focus and understand the requirements to qualify any entrance test. The duty of the students or applicants is to keep a track on the changing criteria’s [...]

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