Flipped Classrooms: Is It Really Effective?

Written by: Runali Runali On: September 5, 2018

Everybody is familiar with the idea of introducing flipped classrooms instead of learning through traditional means. But making an investment and changing the whole educational structure requires a lot of thinking and guts. Without any sort of planning and evaluating the idea, no person can make such a huge investment.

A person comes across a series of questions which are to be answered to make sure, which are:

  1. Is the idea really helpful?

Of course, the idea of learning through visual material, video-wise assessments, classroom discussions, student-teacher groups is always interesting and helpful.

  1. What change in knowledge is necessary for the program?

It is about to what extent the progress will be carried out by the end of the program, which depends on the attentiveness and efficiency of the student.

  1. How much information is to be given in class?

This is the most important question which needs an answer as it is directly going to affect the students. The faculty before introducing the flipped learning must make a schedule of knowledge for classroom and assignments at home. It always is advisable to make a student understand all the concepts in the class in front of the teacher as in case of any query a teacher can always help and resolve.

  1. Who will design the assignments?

Assignments are for home work, it should be made with proper coverage of the topic and tricky enough to make the student scratch his mind. The at home assignment (lectures to be viewed and the testing pertaining to those lectures are already pre-designed in Robomate+) the schedule of which lecture is to be viewed when can be customized by the institution based on their timetable

After resolving issues of introducing the flipped learning, next question arises is how to make it feasible for home based learning?

  1. How to ensure the access of lectures to students who have missed classroom lectures?

One has to decide in case of absenteeism, what are the ways to reach the absentees. They can catch up with the lost explanations through the video lectures on the tab. After that they will atleast be in a position where they can participate in the classroom in further lectures without hindrances as faced previously.

How to encourage students to successfully complete the assignment?

Of course, students run away from at home assignments but one can keep scores and credits on the completion which will induce competitive spirit in the students.

These are few out of many questions which are to be dealt before making an investment because it is always better to get a larger idea before making a specific investment. To conclude, once a person is sorted with the above questions and still finds idea effective, then don’t wait and make the investment.

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