Preparation Tips for JEE Mains & Advanced 2016

Written by: Web Master On: September 5, 2018

Preparing for the exams is definitely hectic and tiring job. JEE main exams and advanced 2016 study is undoubtedly one of the most satisfying things that you would do for your profession and future. Having tremendous hold on basics of Maths, Chemistry and Physics can actually open up many options for your career. You should think about those two years as your basics towards a bright future. JEE mains will fetch you many lucrative jobs and positions. Here are few tips that you can make use for JEE mains and advanced 2016.

Time management: you should know how to manage your time while studying. Many students who work and have applied for the JEE mains exams need to incorporate their daily schedules. They need to manage the time between work and study. Nothing will happen if you are not managing time to study proper subjects. You have to give time to each subject. You should realize the truth behind planning and take out time for yourself too. Always remember, one needs to work in a smart way rather than working really hard. There is a huge difference between lying with a book for eighteen hours and actually preparing for eighteen hours. You simply do not want to lying down with competitive exam papers and book in a hand. Your time is precious and very limited. So invest accordingly.

You should finish the most significant task primarily. Organic chemistry indeed is vital and check out different studies involved in JEE mains and advanced 2016. You will get many papers online. Once you are done with vital issues and papers, you will be able to handle the next vital task and chapters.

Say “NO” to family and friends: you should know what is important right now in your life. The exams are on head and you have to deal with family and friends. Start saying NO to them who try to divert you from your preparations. Tell them NO in a polite way. Preparing for JEE mains is not an easy task and needs lot of patience and perseverance.

Do not aspire for incremental development or procrastinate: do not ever try to postpone your studies and leave it on tomorrow as that tomorrow never comes. Start studying from today and take out time for important subjects. Make a plan for study. According to your planning keep one subject at a time. Keep revising it and understand it rather than gulping each and every word.

Make daily targets: you need to set daily targets that includes, topic study, preparing important notes, solve practice numerical and questions, solve two exam papers a day, mock tests, sample papers, IIT JEE last year question papers etc. Study at least 18 hours with regular intervals as rigid study is not beneficial and will block your mind. Spend at least 7 to 8 hours in solving sample papers. Once you set daily targets it becomes easy for you to work out things.

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