Remodelling Flipping it

Written by: Runali Runali On: September 5, 2018

With the advancements in the technology, flipped classrooms are the latest trend followed by the people. In many schools and universities, classes are made smart by using this technology and it has become easy for the students to grasp and memorize much faster and for a long time.

A detailed model is prepared for the idea to work efficiently, working through the model makes the idea work perfectly and for the benefits of the students, a series of steps are to be followed to keep the model working. Education is all about learning and then assimilates that learning, in simpler terms a student is made to learn in the class and then assimilate and apply the topic outside of the class. Flipped classroom model came up with innovative and fresh ideas to make a student learn, which are:

  • Evaluation: The first step is to evaluate the idea of learning through different means like online videos, YouTube, and then think over if it is feasible for each and every student.
  • Synthesis: It is about creating a mixture of learning through flipped classroom and traditional ones. Basically making a student to sit in the class and then learn by watching a video and for any query consult the respective teacher.
  • Analysis: It is always important to analyse if this method of studying is working with every student or not. If not then what are the loopholes? How can it be made better?
  • Application: After testing and controlling all the defaults, the next step is to apply it on large number of students and bring the best out of it.
  • Comprehensive: Flipped learning is not about using it in one or two schools, it is about making it useful for a population at large. Make it a comprehensive approach to reach maximum population and induce the latest way to learn and eradicate illiteracy.
  • Knowledge: It has been proved that this model is a huge success, as it has provided education and knowledge on a large scale and people appreciated this way of learning.
  • Tools used: Instead of heavy books and notes, a student learns with the help of the internet, group discussions, a video lecture, group projects, personal assignments which in return helps a student to learn teamwork, he becomes more dynamic with a clearer mind over the concepts.
  • Less absenteeism and loss of studies: With this innovative learning, students does not feel bored and like to attend the classes and in case due to any emergency a student miss the class, he can always recover from the videos on the tab/phone and watch it anytime from anywhere.

To conclude, flipped classrooms are the latest way to make classroom studies innovative and grab more students’ attention. It has proved a valuable technology and when the world is getting smart, then why does the education sector stay back? One time investment can bring loads of gain forever, so make it and make teaching enjoyable.

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